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Mary Haverstick • filmmaker

Tipping Point PA is Mary's fifth feature film, placing her in the company of very few other women to have ever tackled five. Mary directed Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden in her indie drama HOME (2009) and worked with Liam Neeson on THE LAST HORSEMEN OF NEW YORK (2018). But she's now tackling a topic in her backyard, the political struggle in the Tipping Point state that is determining the fate of democracy and the nation.

In addition to directing, Mary is an accomplished cinematographer, editor and writer, and is finishing up a memoir about stumbling onto secrets from the Cold War.


Michele Mercure • composer, producer

Michele Mercure is a groundbreaking composer and pioneer of electronic music who currently has three collections in release with RVNG, Intl. records. In 2019, Michele completed a European mini-tour of her latest work, after which she began production on Tipping Point PA.

Michele previously produced the indie feature HOME (2009) starring Marcia Gay Harden and worked with Mary producing the documentary THE LAST HORSEMEN OF NEW YORK (2018), released by Freestyle Media. Michele is currently working on the score for Tipping Point, and during the pandemic, she became an FAA certified commercial drone pilot.

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